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HOW Gifs are one of the most used on various social media today, and they work pretty well. Gifs are mostly designed with photoshop, but usually require some expertise to make. MAKE A GIF

Gifs are one of the most used on various social media today, and they work pretty well. Gifs are mostly designed with photoshop, but usually require some expertise to make.
The good news today is, I will show you exactly how to make animated Gifs very fast, and easy with a completely free tool available in Appstore, Playstore, and also has an online version for creating gifs in few minutes.

So the name of this tool is GIPHY. Like I said, it is available for download on both Google Playstore and Appstore. All you have to do is open the Appstore or Playstore on your mobile device, search for GIPHY, download, install, enable, and open, then you start creating.


To easily make a Gif using Giphy simply follow the steps below.
Step 1: Go to, click on the create tab (the green + button). Or simply
Step 2: Click on the blue “Take a photo or video” or “upload from camera roll” buttons to select a video or image from your device. Or you can click on the white “Paste an image or video URL” button to paste a link to the image or video you want to use for your GIF.
Step 3: Use the drag and drop tool, to change the order of your image. Order matter because that is how they will be arranged during the slideshow.
Step 4: To change the interval at which images will change, simply use the slider to change the length an image will be displayed, before switching to another.
Step 5: To further edit your GIF, click on the “Continue to decorate” button. This gives you the option to edit and add texts, edit captions, use effects, stickers, and many other decorating features to explore and add to your GIF.
Step 6: After you are done editing, added tags, using the continue upload button, click on the “upload to GIPHY” button to save, you will be sent to your new GIF after the process is completed. Then you will be provided with options to share it on various social media platforms.


After you must have followed the instructions in the introductory part of this article, to successfully download, and install GIPHY app on your smartphone, follow the steps below, to easily navigate and create a perfect GIF with the app.

Step 1: Open the app, on the home screen you can see various features, recommended and trending gifs, that are ready to use.
Step 2(a): Down on the bottom, you should click on the plus (+) button, to create a new GIF, To a video to use for your GIF immediately, simply click on the record button.
Step 2(b): You could also click on the upload file from the device button, to upload an image or video from your phone gallery.
Step 3: Trim the sides of your GIF, to the size you want.
Step 4: Click the described button above, to add stickers and effects.
Step 5: Tap the purple button, to save your GIF. Click on the “Share GIF” button below the screen, to share GIF, to a social media platform.


Am sure by now you should be able to make the gif you want, with GIPHY, whether with their online tools or with their smartphone tool available on Google Playstore or Appstore.
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