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How to cook rice

Rice is one of the food consumed in most parts of the world. Although we love eating rice, and we cook it often, most people still find it difficult to cook rice Perfectly.
In this masterclass, I will teach you how to cook Rice, the best way. Let’s first examine the common mistakes made when cooking rice.


1. Not allowing the water to boil before pouring in the rice: To get the best result when cooking rice, it best to have placed your water on the fire, and allow it to boil before pouring in your rice.
2. Much or less water: There is a required quantity of water required for each types of rice to get the best result. These quantities will soon be discussed.
3. Cooking duration: The duration at which the rice is cooked will determine whether it will be hard, too soft, or normal.

How to cook rice
How to cook rice

Step 1. Check your rice to remove any dirt available, then rinse your rice properly,  about 3 times to further clean your rice.
Step 2. Fill your pan or pot with water. water ratio in long and short-grain white rice is different. If you are cooking long grain rice, you must use 2 cups of water for every cup of rice. For short-grain rice use 1 1/3 cups of water for every cup of rice. Then light the cooker at full flame. and allow the water to boil.
Step 3: Pour your clean rice into the boiling water.
Step 4: Add salt to the rice (Optional). To every cup of rice, add 1/6 tsp of salt, then stir together, and place back the pan/pot lid.
Step 5: Like the water quantity required to cook long and short-grain rice, the time required to cook them are different as well. Long grain white rice should be cooked for 18 minutes, while short-grain should be cooked for 15 minutes under closed lids.
After the stated time for each type of white rice, there should be no water left, and you should have a bowl of perfect fluffy rice.

Just a little recap. First check your rice to remove dirty particle, then rise it for about three times, pour water into the pot (2 cups for long grain, and 1 1/3 for long grain), put the pot on the cooker and turn the heat to medium, when the water starts boiling, pour the clean rice into the pot, add salt (optional), stir together, then cover the lid and allow to cook under closed lid (18 minutes for long grain rice, and 15 minutes for short grain rice). And there you go, you just make yourself a perfect, fluffy white rice.


How to cook rice
How to cook rice

Step 1: Check your rice to remove the dirty particle. Wash the rice to further remove any dirt.
Step 2: Fill your pot or pan with water. The water ratio for brown rice must be 1 cup of rice to 1 3/4 cups of water. Light your cooker, turn it to medium, then place the pot on it. Wait till it starts boiling.
Step 3: Pour clean rice into the pan.
Step 4: Add salt, this is completely optional, as most homes do not eat salt. If you will add salt, add 1/6 tbs of salt to every cup of rice. Then stir together, and close the lid.
Leave your brown rice to cook for 45 minutes. After which you must have a nice, well-cooked brown rice.


The main difference between cooking white rice and brown rice are the duration on the fire, and the amount of water, every other process is mostly similar.
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