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How to boil an egg

Boiling an egg is quite easy, but boiling a nice hard egg could be a little tricky, and a little easy to make a mess of. I love hard, boiled eggs, and since you are here, then am pretty sure you do as well. Here I have put together a great explanation, to guide you on how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg you want. So let learn how to boil an egg.

Steps: How to boil egg

1st Step: Whether there is any visible dirt on your eggs or not, it is advisable to rinse them first.
2nd Step: Carefully place your eggs in the saucepan. make sure your eggs are properly arranged in the pan, to fit properly.
3rd Step: Fill the source pan with clean cold water. The water should be slightly above the egg, about an inch would do.
4th Step: It’s time to heat up. Place the saucepan on the cooker, over some heat, then set a timer for how long you want your egg to boil, usually within 4 to 12 minutes.
5th Step: Just before your egg is boiled, fill a bowl large enough to contain it properly, with some clean cold or ice water.
6th Step: After the egg has boiled for the set duration, now it’s time to pick them into the prepared cold water, then allow them to cool, until it’s cold enough for the next step.
7th Step: Now it’s almost done. You need to remove the shell. Gentle hit it on a hard surface, or gently with a hard item, to make some cracks, then easily take off the shell.


Last Step: Rinse off the shell particles on your egg. Then it is ready to be served.
What could cause an egg to not peel smoothly?
The more fresh an egg is, then the more likely it will be difficult to peel.
The pH of an egg determines whether an egg will peel nicely or not. When the pH of an egg is low, then while cooking, the protein in the egg white is attached tightly to the keratin in the membrane, thus allows it to not peel properly.
How to avoid egg peeling with the shell
To peel your egg easily without having to peel some off with the shell, you should use eggs that are older or add a little bit of bicarb water so that the pH of the water will be improved, or add a 1/2 tablespoon of salt.

How To make your boiled egg pill easily

How to boil an egg
How to boil an egg

For your egg to peel easily, what you need to do is simple, just add a teaspoon of vinegar to the water.
How long should you boil an egg
The time required to boil an egg may vary according to your preference, therefore there is no particular correct or best time of boiling an egg, although it usually varies from four to twelve minutes.
For a soft egg, the best duration to boil will be about 4 minutes, although some could prefer 3 minutes, the standard time for boiling a soft egg, through my experience and finding should be about 4 minutes.
To a little further in between soft and hard, then it will be cool to boil your egg within six to seven minutes. At this stage, your egg would have gone from soft-boiled to medium.
Finally to get a perfechard-boileded egg you are advised to go for fourteen minutes. Your egg could be hard-boiled even for 12 minutes, so you are free to decide how hard you want it to be, and usually, any interval between 12 and 14 minutes will do.


I believe you have learned how to boil egg. To make a perfectly boiled egg, irrespective of how hard or soft you want it, this master guide is well organized enough to help you. I believe you have been able to successfully learn how to boil an egg now. To send any feedback to us, kindly leave a comment below, and we will be delighted to give you a reply as soon as possible.

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