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Business casual
Business casual
Business casual


Business casual for men and women could sound like a dress code easy to understand, and maintain, but it turns out in most cases that it could be tricky and easy to mix up with other ideas entirely. The idea of a business casual could vary depending on the setting it is meant for.
Although there is no actual definition for business casual, and this normally confuse workers and interviewees. But in normal sense, a business casual could simply be expressed as professional-standard and morally appropriate clothing.
To further clarify and give answers to unanswered questions about business casual, we have put together the best guide in various subcategories of business casual for men and women, to guide you to making the best decision when it comes to choosing business clothing.
Business casual for men
Most times its is better to always have a personal dress code, and if you are the manager in your office, then it is not optional, having a personal dress code (like when your colleagues or subordinate knows you will never wear a particular cloth, it might be because of the color, pattern, etc.), makes you stand out, unique because you are guided by a principle.

An appropriate Business casual for men would usually be a combination of dress slacks or chinos, a button-down shirt, dark socks, and leather dark shoes. For an interview, you are advised not to wear a polo shirt, jeans, or shorts.

Perfect business casual clothing for men

Business Casual for men
Business Casual for men

Top: Cotton long-sleeve, button-down shirt, sweaters, button-up or collared shirt, blazer, or business suit.
Bottom: Cotton pants, gabardine, dress slack,
Belt: Brown or black leather belt.
Shoe: Brown or black leather shoe
With a good combination of the above-listed business casual clothing, it will be hard to make an error.
Always make sure not to wear too tight clothes (they tend to be inconvenient and nonprofessional) or an unbuttoned shirt that shows hair on the chest. Don’t wear hoods, sportswear, boots, ripped jeans, sandals, or denim.

Business casual for women

Business Casual for women
Business Casual for women

It’s easier for women to go off when it comes to selecting a cloth for a particular need, but the key to making the right choice is centered around being appropriate, and being moderate.
Perfect business casual clothing for women
Top: Polo shirt, sweater, leather blazer, blouse with appropriate details, jacket.
Bottom: Smart jeans, silky slip skirt, casual pants.
Shoes: Loafers, ankle boots, ballet shoes, brogues, women have a lot of options for a business casual shoe, be careful if you decide to wear ones not listed here. If you don’t have a code, just make sure your shoe is appropriate and comfortable.

Things You Should Note When Choosing an Appropriate Business Casual Clothing When there is Dress Code or not, for Men and Women.

When there is no dress code, then making the best decision could become a little tricky, because you have to maintain casual, and at the same time not be too casual. If there is a dress code or not, always note these 2 tips to make the best decisions.

Wear what makes you comfortable: No matter how good looking and appropriate your clothing is, if you are not comfortable in it, then it is still a bad choice. Make sure you choose an option that is suitable for the work you do and make sure your clothes are not too revealing.
Make sure you are confident in it: When your clothing makes you feel uncomfortable, then there are chances that you won’t feel confident as well. While you are trying to impress your interviewer or look good yourself, you also watch out for a thing that makes your day from within and gives you that extra little confidence.
As you now know, making the right business casual attire could be tricky, although by putting both being appropriate and moderate in mind, then making the right choice would be pretty much easier. I believe you have learned what business casual for men and women really is now. Kindly leave a comment below if you have a question or any contribution.


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